Monday, July 6, 2015

                         It Started At The Orphanage 

I like to think my love of dolls got started when I invented a game that I called "The Orphanage."  At around age 5 or 6, my mother was reading me a story about a mom and dad that wanted a baby, so they went to the orphanage to adopt one. Of course this required an explanation as to what in the world an orphanage was.   In my kindergarten mind, it became a big lonely place,  filled with babies that needed to be taken care of.  I was just the right girl for the job!
My bedroom, and every doll I owned, became The Orphanage.  I was the lady in charge of feeding, holding, rocking, kissing, and singing lullabies to all 28 of my dolls (plus 2 extra ones that I swiped from my sister's room, because I decided she wasn't taking good enough care of them)  Sitting in my rocking chair, trying to hold and soothe all of those dolls at once so no one would feel left out, I felt it happening.......DOLLY LOVE!!!!!!  The rest is pathetic history.
From Baby Secret to Mrs. Beasley, to Swingy,(she could walk AND dance!) I think I had just about every doll that was on the t.v. commercials.  And lets not forget Kiddles, Baby Beans, and Baby Tender Love!  I wish I had kept them all.  But hey, who knew I was going to grow up longing for those vintage dolls and the enchanting memories that never seem to disappear.
These days, whenever I come across a doll that signals DOLLY LOVE, I buy it.   And so begins my collection of vintage dolls. Or as my daughter likes to say "Those creepy dolls"  When she comes over to visit, I take her into my craft room to show her my latest addition, and she will look at me with her beautiful smile and whisper "freaky!!!"   A few months ago, when I was feeling sad, she sat down beside me, put her hand on mine, and said softly "Maybe you should order another one of those creepy dolls and you'll feel better"  Then she burst into giggles.  Really Sarah!!  Just because YOU never developed Dolly Love, you assume there is something amusing about it!!!  Brat!!!!   Oh well, she's still my baby.  And sometimes, she's kind of creepy!!
                Please take a look at my doll collection!  Maybe one of them will stir up some vintage memories for you!!