Monday, August 10, 2015

Don't Worry, It's All Good

The last time I checked, my brain was still encased inside of my skull.  So that being the case, I can't figure out why I am so distracted!  Why I'm so lazy, and disorganized?  Well, I guess that's a bit of an exaggeration.  It's really more about guilt.  I am guilty of spending way too much time relaxing with my laptop, looking at all kinds of vintage fun stuff, digging through family albums, and taking pictures of items for sale for my website.  That was quite a mouthful wasn't it?   The point is, "The husband" as I affectionately call him, is feeling neglected. Sheeeesh! Just because he had to make his own dinner a couple of nights last week, tripped over the laundry pile in the bedroom, and ran out of clean underwear, you'd think I never did a thing around here!!  
I suppose I ought to look into one of those 12 step recovery programs for wives who can't balance hobbies and real life, or something like that.   Oh well, I think deep down, I know that everything is OK. Or as the new generation says "It's all good"
Seriously, if "The husband" doesn't feel like listening to me ramble about the good old days, or about how great Saturday morning cartoons used to be, then it's his loss. Actually, I bet he would feel a whole lot better if he DID listen.  Because, you know, you really can't beat those old Saturday morning cartoons from my day. It can bring a smile to my face just remembering those shows!  I can almost see Kerry and I sitting only two inches from the t.v. set, with our bowls of Captain Crunch, at 6:00 in the morning!!  We had an entire list of shows that lasted for hours.    
And actually, that's what I came across this past weekend while neglecting my household: Pictures of my favorite old Saturday morning shows!!!   Ya, it's all good.

The Bugaloos

Remember the song?  Roger Ramjet and his hero's fighting  for our freedom!!!

H.R. Puff-N-Stuff


The Groovy Ghoulies

The Flintstones

I was president of the Banana Splits fan club when I was 8!