Monday, November 16, 2015


And it IS the most wonderful time of the year! At least it is for me. 
Most people know how much I love the Christmas season.  From the day after Thanksgiving, I begin my euphoric frenzy into cards, baking, decorations, holiday specials on t.v., Christmas music, and   more.  I love it all.  I look forward to it all.  I have been told by others that I have "Obsessive Christmas Disorder" And actually, I'm quite proud of that!!!
Since the time of my last post, I have been dealing with constant illness between my husband and myself.  And when I'm sick, or my family is sick, I tend to get depressed. Which is why I didn't write, or do much of anything else.  However, now that we are well again, I am turning my focus to Christmas!  And yes, I know it isn't even Thanksgiving yet, so I guess I'm cheating.  Oh well, I've never been too good at following my own rules.  And actually, it's kind of a dumb rule anyway.  I mean, why should I have to wait for Thanksgiving to be over before I jump all over Christmas?  No reason at all!!  So..... in honor of my favorite time of the year, all future posts will be dedicated to my vintage Christmas memories, and all things related.  I plan to share many fun stories and images, that are truly "Vintage"  I have included in todays post, some darling vintage pictures to get you started on your own memories, and to stir up the excitement of whats coming!!!!  ENJOY: