Monday, August 24, 2015

Gas Station Toy Memories

Back in the 60's, the Arco gas stations had this promotion where you could buy a beautiful doll that represented different parts of the world. The cost was 1.00 with the purchase of a full tank. Every week or two, they featured a different doll.
I really wanted those dolls!!!  However, my father didn't frequent the Arco stations. He was mostly a Shell or Chevron kind of guy.  But my Aunt Barb used Arco.  She even had an Arco gas card! She and my dad got together on this, and pretty soon, I started my collection of Arco gas station dolls!!!  At Christmas that year, Santa left several of those dolls under the tree!!  I was mystified! Did Santa use Arco gas? He drove a sleigh didn't he? I was pretty sure that the reindeer didn't require a fill up.  How did Santa get his hands on those dolls?  Explanation from my father: "They have an Arco station at the North Pole for Mrs. Clause to fill up her car when she goes shopping"  Well, ok, I guess that makes sense.  The important thing was, now I had enough of those pretty dolls to play a game that my sister Kerry said would be called "The Miss America Beauty Contest"  We were the judges.  We kept track of their scores in beauty and talent, and for some reason, they also were given points for their names.  Kerry always liked "stand out" names.  Beauty Contest was a game we would play for years.

Thanks for the memories Arco!! (and you too Santa)

Arco's next promotion was a Noah's Arc, with a different pair of animals every week or so.  Same deal as before, 1.00 each with a fill up.  And as before, enter Aunt Barb.  We eventually obtained the whole collection.   Spoiled were we?  Perhaps. But the adults in our lives certainly did love us, and we felt that security all of our lives.  Not spoiled, just very lucky.

Wouldn't it be great if gas stations still did this?