Monday, February 1, 2016

We Interrupt This Program....

Oh my.  The last blog entry was in December?  How did that happen?  There should've been at least 4 or 5 posts between then and now.  What happened?
Remember how the TV would suddenly stop in the middle of your show with that announcement of "We interrupt this program for....." 
Well, thats kind of what happened here, in the middle of my show. Some struggles in my personal life got away from me, and interrupted my show.  It actually started around Christmas.  Which really sucked, because my holiday, my most favorite, cherished holiday, got interrupted, and I had to change stations right in the middle, and settle for a program that I really didn't want to watch, much less be a part of!
The good news is I've refocused the picture, adjusted the color, and tuned back into our regularly scheduled program.
Soooo, this all means that I will need to do some double time to bring back the magic of my vintage spirit.  This includes listing lots of new items on my website, working on my blog, and really diving into my vintage craft projects!
I've decided to start with listing some new items on my site today:
A few vintage pictures, some vintage movie magazines, some adorable vintage wall hangings. Who knows what else?  By the end of this evening, I will make this happen.
 So please stick with me, and know that I'm not throwing in the towel, while I catch up with the past!

I love this picture from Romper Room.  If I remember correctly, it was supposed to encourage all of us to get move'in and do something!   Good Advise.