Monday, February 8, 2016


I'm sitting in my living room, in front of the fire, drinking a diet coke, and watching the old Mod Squad series.  And it's only 6:00 am!   Now in case anyone is horrified by the fact that I'm drinking diet coke at this hour of the morning, (I know my daughter will be.) I should explain that I consider this act to be no different than people who have a coffee every morning.  So there!
As for my kicking back and watching The Mod Squad at this hour, I like to think of this as my reward for getting up at 5:30 every morning to make The Husband's lunch. He takes his lunch to work everyday, so I like to make it for him, with good stuff inside.  Yea I know, just call me June Cleaver, or Mrs Walton, or Carol Brady,  (wait a sec, Alice made the lunches didn't she?) 
Anyway, thats my explanation for my early morning ritual.  And lets be honest, what could be better than starting the day watching Michael Cole (Pete) jump off buildings, rescue Link and Julie, dive out of speeding cars, and just plain be gorgeous! Solid!  And if you don't know what the expression "solid" means, then you are not a Mod Squad fan. Enough said. 
Moving on; I spent a few hours with my sister Debby yesterday, going through boxes of fabulous vintage stuff!  Old children's tea dishes in their original boxes, a scrapbook of vintage "Boots Cutouts" dated 1946,  and "Mopsy Modes Cutouts" also dated the 1940's.  A darling vintage metal child's play stove with a "Pretty Maid" metal label on it.  Some old books, all kinds of goodies!!  I can't wait to dig in and start listing, so keep your eye on my website, and spread the word! 
I promise not to flake out this time on getting things listed!!
                           Stay Tuned!  
I think I'm a closet groupie.

Oh Yha!

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